Oktoberfest Vendor Booth Registration/Application

Event Coordinator: Christine Colley - cdkcolley@gmail.com Application Deadline: 10 Days Before Event
  • List all products you plan to sell or display in booth.
  • Additional Exhibitor Booth Information

    1. Note: to qualify as a Non-Profit, you must be able to demonstrate tax-exempt Arizona or IRS status.

    2. Fees for a Food Vendor will vary based upon the product and anticipated volume sold. Contact the event coordinator for required fee.

    3. Food/Beverage vendors, please attach a complete menu of what you intend to offer.

    4. Tables are not provided as part of the space fee. If you will need the event to provide tables, you must specify the number below and include the required fee in your payment.

    5. Unless otherwise negotiated, all vendors will be issues two (2) gate passes for each day of the event. If you require more passes, please specify the number below and include the required fee in your payment.

    6. Vendor spaces accommodate a 10' x 10' tent. Please contact the event if your tent exceeds this allotment.

    7. You must include a check for the total amount calculated below with your submission. Fees will be promptly refunded if your application is rejected.

    8. The event provides each space electrical connections that have a 15 ampere capacity. If you require more power, you must designate amperage and plug type/configuration below. Attach drawing if necessary. (Charges may apply for non-standard plugs. Contact the Event Coordinator)
  • Item Order Form

  • Price: $5.00 Quantity:
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  • Exhibitor Rules and Regulations


    Anyone who sells a product in the State of Arizona is required to have a business license. In addition, vendors are required by the Town of Fountain Hills to have a business license. THIS APPLIES TO ALL VENDORS, unless you are distributing information only, and NO GOODS are exchanged.

    Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax License Information: Arizona Department of Revenue, License and Registration section.

    Town of Fountain Hills: 16705 E. Avenue of the Fountains, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268. Monday - Thursday, 7am - 6pm, or from the Town website at: http://www.fh.az.gov/400/business-licenses

    Please include your tax license numbers in the spaces provided in the application. Numbers will be verified with the Town of Fountain Hills, State of Arizona and the IRS.


    Vendors are required to have general liability insurance. This includes vendors distributing information only. Please communicate these these instructions to the insurance company to list: Fountain Events, Inc., and the Town of Fountain Hills, as additional insured.

    INSURANCE IS REQUIRED, REGARDLESS OF PROCEDURES THAT MAY HAVE BEEN FOLLOWED AT PAST EVENTS. The address for Fountain Events is listed below under the heading Document Submission.


    A Maricopa County Temporary Food Service Permit is required. All workers need to have a Food Handler's Permit in their possession. Please submit a menu with item prices for our approval. To insure a diverse selection of food and beverages, we will inform you of the accepted items from your menu. Please be advised that you will only be able to sell these accepted items.


    The fee is for space only. The Event does not provide tables, chairs or canopies. If ours are used, for any reason, you will receive an additional charge, payable at the time of the event.

    All pertinent fire codes, laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention and public safety shall be strictly observed. fountain Events Inc. and the Town of Fountain Hills will not be liable if any government representative closes a booth that does no comply with regulations. Vendors closed by an inspector will not receive a refund.


    No staking will be allowed in the park unless express, written permission has been granted in advance by the Town of Fountain Hills Department of Parks and Recreation.


    Set up and tear down times vary by event. Times will be provided at the time your approval is received. *Vendors arriving late and unprepared to open on time will not be permitted to sell and will receive no refund.


    All vendor vehicles must park in general public parking areas. There is NO parking within the event. All vehicles brought into the event grounds for set up, must be out of the grounds by one half hour before the event gates officially open.


    All workers must have a pass on the day of the event. Passes are not necessary, however, if you are setting up the day before the event. Two complimentary passes will be provided. Additional passes are available to order on the application. If workers arrive without a pass they will have to pay the entrance fee. You are responsible for disbursing your passes before the event.


    The undersigned does hearby give consent to fountain Events, Inc. and assignees to take photographs, make audio recordings and/or video graphs of myself and/or my organization at the Fountain Events event, and to use such photographs, audio recordings and/or video graphs for such promotion, publicity or other lawful purpose as the Fountain Events, Inc. deems appropriate. I/we further waive any rights of claims as to content approval or damages that I/we may have for use of these reproduction.


    You are responsible for properly disposing of all wast and garbage throughout the term of your event, and immediately upon conclusion of the event the area must be returned to a clean condition. Should you fail to perform adequate clean up or damage occurs to the Town property, you will be billed at full recovery rates.


    Fountain Events, Inc. 16033-109 E Primrose Dr. Fountain Hills, AZ 85268